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Oral Medicine

Oral MedicineIt can be serious when your pet has oral health issues. Many owners have no idea that their pets need dental care too!

Many diseases, other than periodontal disease, can affect the oral cavity. These diseases can lead to oral inflammation, tumors, autoimmune diseases, and much more. It is very important to treat them quickly before causing any more harm.

There are also many muscles, nerves, soft tissues, and glands that are located around the oral cavity which can be affected by various diseases. Many systemic diseases and treatments can manifest right in the pet’s mouth. Some of these include diabetes, renal failure, and endocrine disease. All of these, and more, can cause adverse effects.

Lucky for your pets, Dr. Rebecca Martin can identify these diseases and treat them as well. Many times we can use oral medicine to help. She carefully matches the correct medicine for your pet and his or her needs.

If you ever have any questions throughout your visit with us or even after, you are always welcome to ask us questions.

If you have any questions regarding oral medicine, oral diseases, or you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 503-PREMIER (503-773-6437).