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PeriodonticsPeriodontal disease is the most common clinical issue occurring in adult dogs and cats. Even though it is completely preventable, most dogs and cats already have some form of periodontal disease by the time that they are three years old.

If you notice that your pet has bad breath, they most likely are experiencing issues in their mouth and should see a trained and qualified veterinary dentist.

Periodontal disease starts when the bacteria in your pet’s mouth hardens and begins to form plaque, sticking to the surface of their teeth. Even worse, minerals from their saliva turns to tartar which also attaches firmly to their teeth. Periodontal disease comes in many forms, starting out as gingivitis which can quickly worsen. For this reason, it is important to have your pet’s mouth checked regularly.

Periodontal disease is typically under-treated and can cause problems, not only in their oral cavities but it can also spread and ultimately damage your pet’s internal organs. Many studies have shown that periodontal disease is associated with microscopic changes in pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys. This is why it is so important to act quickly and have your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly.

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